David A. Rackey
Madison, Conn.
Retired Partner, Hewitt Associates (Management Consulting)
Member since 2001-02

Mahlon S. Hale, M.D.
Madison, Conn.
Retired, Chief, Division of Medical Psychiatry,
University of Connecticut Health Center
Member since 2012-13
Vice President
Richard Buel
Essex, Conn.
Retired history professor and author
Member since 2015-16
Susan Castellan
Killingworth, Conn.
Retired Educator
Member since 2014-15

James L. Brother
Ellington, CT 06029
Retired Professor of English, technology; retired emergency medical services educator and administrator
Member since 2015-16



Sheila Brown
Old Saybrook, Conn.
Retired Educator
Member since 2015-16

William French
Essex, Conn.
Member 2016-17

Susan Howard
Deep River, Conn.
Member 2004-2011; 2015-16

Mihae Lee
Deep River, Conn.
Member since 2008-09

David Lopath
Madison, Conn.
Retired, Connecticut Academy for Education in
Math, Science and Technology
Member since 2001-2002

Ronald Thomas

Artistic Director

Ann Drinan
Managing Director

Paula Raggio

Vincent Oneppo
Webmaster & Graphic Designer